5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

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A wedding invitation it is not just a typical postcard bought at a kiosk or printing house. Modern wedding invitations are part of the concept of the event, the anticipation of the holiday, the promise of an unforgettable and unique event.

It should be the perfect announcement of the upcoming wedding – beautiful, informative and individual. So now I want to tell you about 5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

What does the right wedding invitation include? So what information does it need to convey to the addressee? And what types of wedding invitations exist?

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

Do not forget that the main purpose of the invitation is to convey the necessary information to the addressee about the upcoming wedding event. That is why filling with text is an important point of an ideal invitation.

What? Where? When?

Who is getting married? When will the ceremony take place? In what place? These three questions wedding invitation gives the answer in the first place. And then begin the details of etiquette.

If the newlyweds want to see the addressee at the ceremony in the registry Office, and at the Banquet, the invitation indicates the time and registration, and the beginning of the Banquet in the restaurant. Also with addresses. It is possible to apply a route map that facilitates the search for the optimal travel to the destination.

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

Nominal character.

Address to the addressee-by name. It’s very important! And add a patronymic, if a person is of age or it is impossible to address him otherwise because of the status and position.

Note: You’d better handle invitations to elderly relatives and the closest friends personally.

You ned to indicate names of the newlyweds as well. If the invitation is addressed to relatives on the part of the bride, her name is put first.. If guests are invited from the groom, the first name will be his: “James and Alexandra”.

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!


Such a mark is mandatory if the invitation is sent to a single person, and the newlyweds do not mind that he came not alone.

The only condition for such a mark, the addressee must confirm in addition, if he\her will come +1.

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

An envelope with a return address.

You need to attach the envelope with returning address to the invitation along with a card on which the addressee makes a note, will he or she come to the wedding or not. Of course, the envelope must be completely ready for shipment, so have an address and stamps.

This functional idea was borrowed from European newlyweds. It makes life very easy for the bride and groom-having received cards with notes, they will know exactly how many people to order a Banquet.

Tip: to get the right information on time, it is important to send invitations in advance-a month or two before the celebration.

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

Dress code and gift.

If the wedding is themed or the newlyweds have conceived something grandiose, when the entourage obliges the tailcoat and evening dress, then this should be indicated in the invitation.

Also, newlyweds all over the world began to use the experience of Western couples, applying to the invitation a list of desired wedding gifts and even shops where they can be found.

Couples who prefer to receive a gift with money, and write in the invitation: “the Gift is better to leave in an envelope.”

5 important points for perfect wedding invitation!

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