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Hello Dears, my name is Yuliya and this is my blog where I want to share with you ideas and tips how to throw fun and beautiful family party. In my articles I show my personal experience and thoughts on the organization of family events.

I try to follow the latest holiday celebration trends that I can not afford, so invent ways and life hacks how to give something like that without huge financial costs. Gift ideas, party themes, detailed party looks and of course the stories about food, all of this and more you can find in my blog.

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Each family should have its own traditions of celebrating family holidays. To throw parties for family holidays are a wonderful tradition. There are a lot of reasons to give your loved family a good mood and love.

Since ancient times, family parties carried a deeper meaning: to show each member of the family that he is not alone, that he is part of something big and reliable. Therefore, always where family traditions are supported, there will always be a strong and friendly family, which is not afraid of any difficulties.

Before you arrange a family party, you need to decide on the main person who would take on his or her shoulders all the organizational issues, shared responsibilities among the others, came up with a fun and original script, etc. And I'm ready to help this person with advice and cool ideas. I know how hard it is to throw a party that would impress everyone and be remembered for a long time. I've thrown hundreds parties for hundreds of families. And now I want to share this knowledge with you.

On my website I would like to share some party ideas and thoughts about different family celebrations and holidays. I love theme parties, outfits and decorations in different styles. For a long time I was engaged in the organization of weddings, hen parties, children's birthdays and other family parties and holidays, now I want to tell you about it. The organization of any holiday is quite a time-consuming process. After all, we all want the long-awaited day to be perfect and, most importantly, unusual and memorable. I will share with you some useful life hacks, try collect new ideas and trends for you. I will try to publish more often collections of various cakes, dresses, accessories and other necessary cute little things for your inspiration. On my site you will find detailed information and guidance on how and where to spend the holiday, what to wear, how to entertain and feed the guests and a lot of different very useful things for your party. We will find the coolest themes and decor for your family celebration, understand the fashion trends and dig into retro ideas. We will find everything you need for your family holiday.

I love weddings, birthdays and gender reveal parties. I love to present gifts and make surprises, if you also love it all, then welcome to my website.

I really hope that my site will help you to arrange a cool holiday for your family and friends. Here is an excellent navigation so you can easily find the topic you are interested in. All family parties carefully divided to categories; wedding day, gender reveal party, birthday party etc.

And here is my first, but very useful advice - while preparing the party, do not take on too much business, otherwise you will not get pleasure from the holiday. Ask relatives to help you — everyone would bring a dish to the table or to organize an interesting contest, game, quiz. Delegating responsibilities is helpful, so you make it clear to your family that you trust them and accept their help with pleasure. Everyone wants to be involved in the process of party preparing, everyone wants to feel useful.

Try to spend much effort and a lot of time to please you beloved household — it will come back to you a hundredfold. You cannot buy happiness for any money, and "good weather in the house" is expensive and important for every family.

What party do you wanna throw?