Halloween gender reveal party

Who doesn’t like Halloween? Exactly! Everybody likes Halloween. Stars are aligned and you are lucky to combine gender reveal and Halloween party together! Lucky you!

Both parties will be harmonious,if you properly stylize candy bar, decorations and other attributes of a gender reveal party.It would be logical not to use pink and blue colours.

Halloween gender reveal party

Gender reveal cakes can be absolutely different. Previously, I warned you against using cakes in the form of babies or pregnant tummies, but at such a party it will be appropriate, just in the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween gender reveal party Halloween gender reveal party                                Halloween gender reveal party Halloween gender reveal party

The inscription on the cake and treats can also support the theme of all saints ‘ day. Or just keep it simple and make a cake without any inscriptions.

Halloween gender reveal party

In my last article I wrote that the sex of the child can be revealed in different ways, and not necessarily to stick with a cake. A great option is gender reveal smoke bomb. You can put it in a pumpkin or a witch’s cauldron. It will look very festive, plus you will provide yourself with stunning photos.

Halloween gender reveal party

Bath bomb is also well suitable for Halloween gender reveal party. You just throw it into the witch’s cauldron as if you were brewing a potion. It is very impressive hissing, and then paint the water in the desired color.

You can also stylize the attributes of entertainment. Make cute stickers for teams of “boys” and “girls”. Guest book will look very Halloweeny if you use dark gothic frame.

Halloween gender reveal party Halloween gender reveal party

Well, the most interesting thing is a Halloween costume for a pregnant mommy. Don’t limit your imagination. You can certainly wear a waggish tee shirt. But it is bo-o-o-or-i-i-i-i-ng.

Halloween gender reveal partyHalloween gender reveal party

And you can scare the hell out of guests.

Halloween gender reveal party Halloween gender reveal party

Couple costumes always look marvelous.

Halloween gender reveal party      Halloween gender reveal party

Halloween costume for pregnant  in Star Wars style.

Halloween gender reveal party

That would be nice to put gifts for guests in beautiful boxes in the form of pumpkins.

Halloween gender reveal party

If you are invited to the Halloween Gender reveal party as a guest, then you can bring cute gifts for the future baby.

Halloween gender reveal party Halloween gender reveal party

Happy Halloween Gender reveal party!

Love, Yuliya

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