Gold and Pink – Wedding Invitation

Gold and Pink - Wedding Invitation

How to make electronic invitations yourself

If you are a creative and creative couple, you can make wedding invitations electronically yourself, showing only a little imagination.

Chalk drawings. If you are good at drawing, you can use this idea to make your own electronic wedding invitations. To do this, you will need a black chalk Board, colored crayons and a photo or video camera. Also, the pictures can change one another on the camera, but the speed will have to be greatly increased, as well as impose cheerful music. In the selection of drawings, let your imagination run wild: it can be your story, a set of wedding attributes or just an alternation of words of invitation with beautiful wedding pictures, such as hearts, doves, rings and more.

Invitation made  from sweets.

Funny invitations can be made using only the camera and a mountain of sweets. Gather a group of friends to quickly shoot your funny video. From sweet candies, marshmallows and marmalade on the table lay out the words of the invitation, which can be alternated with images of hearts and rings, as well as funny photos of the newlyweds who feed each other Goodies. Such a sweet invitation in electronic form your guests will appreciate!
Invitation-song. Creative couple, who make a good rhyme can write a stylish invitation in the form of songs.  Do not be lazy to Express yourself from the creative side, if you want to do something special.

Gold and Pink - Wedding Invitation